Lethal Temptations - Janine Infante Bosco
I loved Blackie in Uncontrollable Temptations the 3rd book in the Temptations series. In this book I just wanted to swoop him up and bring him home with me.
Blackie is the Vice President in the Satan's knight motorcycle club. In years past the club sold drugs and Blackie lost his wife due to an overdose from his drug stash. Blackie is an ex addict himself. In Book 3 he while trying to protect the club president's girlfriend and get rid of some bad guys was forced back into the drug life. Blackie is also sleeping with the club president's daughter. He knows that Lacey and him are forbidden, and with the drug problem he should just leave her alone. And he really does try to, but love is love, and a whole new kind of drug.
I love this whole series by Janine Infante Bosco. Each book in the series stars a different set of characters while featuring the rest of the club members from the other books in the series. I love how she lets you continue to follow these characters through out the series. She really brings everyone in these books to life.
This series can be read as stand alones but by reading the series you get so much more and really ind of form a bond with the club members.