Telling Tails - Sofie Ryan
I enjoyed this story. I love that most of the main characters were feisty older people. I love reading a story where people get to use their wit but mostly life experiences in order to solve a mystery. Yes they were driven by Sarah Grayson, a younger woman, but the Older generation took the stage mainly in the book for me at least. Oh yea and Elvis the cat.
Elvis can tell when a person is telling a lie. Sarah and the gang depend on him to help them with their witnesses and suspects. If a person is petting Elvis while telling their account of the events or whatever he will have a serene look on his face, if they lie he will get a sour look on his face and the gang will know they are telling a lie.
In the book Sarah owns a 2nd hand store and Rose one of her older friends, room mate, and employee decides to deliver a package to the home of a customer. From there everything goes sideways even Rose as she is hit on the head, after seeing what she believes is the murder of the customer. Now they have to get the police to believe she is not just a feeble old woman who suffered a small stroke while standing at the customers door.
The story did not run through at lightening speed and at times there were a few more details then was needed but all in all it was a very good story and I did enjoy it.