Relentless - Nancy J.  Alexander
What a ride!!! The book is about 3 men reeking havoc across the northeast robbing and killing young blond girls, and the one who got away years before.

Jake was evil from a young age and loved to torment young girls. Starting with his young cousin Reggie Lee. No one believed Reggie Lee about the torment Jake inflicted on her. When she was 14 Jake almost kills her and she finally escapes with some help from her school counselor. Reggie Lee moves in a with a great foster family, changes her name, and beings a new life. She also suppresses the memories of what Jake has done to her. The memories have started to come back, and Jake is still searching for her. Will he catch her?

Nancy Alexander has written a awesome book. I listened to the audiobook which is also narrated by Nancy Alexander. She has done an awesome job narrating as well. He voice lulled me into the story to the point I could't do anything else but listen. At times I was on the edge of my seat wishing she would hurry up, not that she was boring nor did she get off track from the story, but because I wanted to see if they the gang was caught and how.

This was my first Nancy Alexender book but I am positive it will not be my last. I will be on the lookout for more books. Audio books as well and I hope she is the one narrating.