A Kiss in the Shadows - Eve  Kincaid
I really enjoyed this book, probably more then I thought I would. Not that I didn't think I would like it, if I thought I wasn't going to like it I wouldn't have chosen to read it. But anyway, this book caught me in its clutches with in a few paragraphs instead of pages. I immediately started liking or hating characters as soon as they were introduced, I like that in a book. I love to cheer for the good and boo the bad guys. I like the suspense and drama, as well as the love at first sight more or less aspect of the story. I also love that I was laughing out loud in a few parts. This really is a very good book. The story flowed nicely and I did not want to put it down, I actually stayed up until 2 AM reading it.
I am not going to say to much about the story , don't want to blow it for anyone. The main characters are Erin Grady who is a ER nurse at Lost Coast Harbor Hospital, and Will Patton who is a lawyer sent to Lost Coast Harbor to expose the dirty police force. The Chief of Police just happens to be Erin's father. Erin and her Father are by no means close. Erin is trying to fulfill her dreams of opening a clinic. Will is trying to expose the dirty police force and get back out of this hole in the wall town. That's all you get to know. Read the book!!!