She Never Got to Say Goodbye - Ica Iova
The book started a little slow but once it got moving it was really moving.

The story is about Olivia. One night she is tragically murdered and believes her husband killed her. She does not cross over but comes back to make him pay for killing her. The big question though is did he really kill her or did someone else do it and if so did he have any part in it?

In the beginning the book jumped a bit fast for me from one time period to the next but it was well worth it. Once you had all of the back ground you needed from the first few chapters, then the book really took off. The book carries you through a full torrent of emotions. You get the sweet, the love story, the sad, the grief, the scary, the determination, the mystery, and then it rounds back to love.

It really was a great book and I really enjoyed it.