A Bramble House Christmas (Carrigans of the Circle C Book 6) - CJ Carmichael
This is a very sweet love story. It is really about 3 families. Willa and her son Scout. Scout has recovered from Cancer and Willa is a home health hospice type nurse. Finn Conrad who is a illusstrator for Children's books, and wants to find out why his father left so much money to his nurse, aka Willa. The Bramble family. They own the Bramble House B & B.
There are a lot of mysteries in this book even though it is not a mystery book. The elder Mr Conrad had given Willa a ring, which originally he had given his wife years before But when his wife and him had divorced he has secretly taken the ring with him. When Fin saw the ring he knew it was the one given to his mother, but when the Elder Bramble Aunt seen the ring she was positive it was her Great Grandmothers.
Fin and his sisters and mother want to know how Willa had talked his Father out of a large sum of money left o her in his will. They believe she is a conniving horrible user. After Fin meets her he finds out she is anything but.
That is all I will say about the story you have to read it to find the answers. C J Carmichael has done a wonderful job with this story. She drags you into the story and you just have to continue turning the pages. This is a story anyone could read it is not erotic or elicit in any way. You Learn about the small town of Marietta Montana and the people of Marietta as well as the main characters. The Characters are well written. This was a joy to read especially with Christmas bearing down on us.