Ace's Key - Abbie St. Claire
The main characters in the book are Mia and Ace. Ace's one true love, his wife, had passed away. Mia caught her last boyfriend cheating on her. Both have pretty much decided that love was over rated. When one night they meet at Ace's Restaurant and Bar. Both pretty much decide hot sex and good time together was enough for them. Until Mia decided she wanted a relationship and knew she wouldn't get that with Ace. Then she decided she would not see Ace anymore. That is when the hard part comes in. The more she doesn't want to see him the more she can't stand not seeing him. Mia actually decides more then once not to see Ace again.

Abbie St. Claire does not give you a chance to get bored. The story is very fast paced. It is really hard to walk away fro it at well. It almost leaves you out of breath at times. Sometimes things switch a little too fast. I like her characters. They are well thought out and I love the sense of humor of each one of her characters. There are lots of hot and steamy scenes in the book. Some of them could give a girl some ideas :).

Pamela Peter's does and amazing job with this book. She is great with all the different characters. She keeps up with the speed, I would be out of breath.

This really is a great book. The audio book is 2 hours and 58 minutes long. One of the shorter books I have listened to but with the pace of the book it over does a lot of the longer books.