Masking for Trouble - Diane Vallere
I totally enjoyed this book and was left guessing until the end over who the killer was. When the killer was revealed I was actually shocked. I really enjoyed Diane Vallere's writing style. She grabbed me on page one didn't let me go until I ran out of pages. I love her characters especially Margo and her sense of style.

The story is about Margo Tamblyn. She has taken over the families Costume Shop after her father has a heart attack. She was raised in an apartment over the shop and really knows costumes. She even wears them every day of the year as her wardrobe. It is just days until Halloween. The whole town is in love with Costume parties and Halloween. There is a huge Pre- Halloween party every year to kick of the Halloween festivities. This year a land developer named Paul Haverford has put a huge kink in the towns Halloween plans. Not only has he decided only the businesses he owns should participate in the fun but he also gets himself murdered. And out star Margo is the top suspect. Margo between running the store during her busy time is trying to find the real killer, if she doesn't end up dead herself.