Five Dog Voodoo - Lia Farrell
This book has a bit of everything. There is love, friendship, small town quaintness, politics, murder both past and present, and voodoo. I love small towns and I love reading about them. I love how everyone knows everyone, and every ones business. Unless you live in a Voodoo Village, the residents of the village may know your business but to the townies it's a whole different planet. Even to the law. The Voodoo community has their own laws and ways of dealing with things. They are a very quiet and private community until one of their women come up missing. They do not call the law in the law just sort of wanders into the village. While there they find out about the missing woman and bring the law in against the wishes of the residents of the village. And things get sketchy from there.

I really enjoyed this book. I enjoyed actually learning a bit about voodoo and their ways. The story did not drag. It was almost like a high speed chase. There were twists and turns and lots of suspects. I had to wait till the end of the book to find out who the murder was. There were lots of suspects, but no one actually stood out further then the rest, or the suspicion was lessened through out the investigation. I love how well defined each character is. They each have their own way of thinking and personality. Will be on the look out fr more books by Lia Ferrell.