Ghost Witching - Ally Shields
Ghost Witching is the 2nd book in this series. I couldn't wit to start reading it after finishing the 1st book Ghost Walking. I am so glad I did not wait. This book was just as fantastic as book 1. The character grew even stronger in this book then the 1st. Even though they were already strong in book 1. I love how Ally Shields let you watch the characters grow instead of just throwing changes at you. I loved how this book picked up where the 1st one left off instead of jumping ahead.

I love paranormal books. Thy are my favorite genre especially when Ghosts are thrown in. I also loves magical powers. I enjoy a little romance now and again also. This book had a bit more emphasis on the romance then book 1 but it did not take over the story. I really liked all of the emotions Ally put into the book. While reading it I could actually feel the emotions coming off the words.

Like the 1st book I was captured on the 1st chapter and could not put the book down. I cannot wait for a book 3.