Here Comes The Witch - Ani Gonzalez
Kat is a fledgling jewelry designer with dreams of opening her own SOHO shop. Liam is a guy who likes remodeling old houses and selling them.

Liam's family home is cursed. He tracks down Kat who happens to be related to the Lady who put the curse on the house. Liam offers Kat a deal she can't refuse. So she agrees to move to Banshee Creek Virginia, marry Liam and live together for up to a year, and the curse should be broken. When the curse has been lifted and the house sells Liam will give Kat a quiet divorce and half of the profits and she can buy the shop of her dreams and go on with her life.

Sounds easy right? Unmentioned was a vengeful ghost and the deadly history of the house. Kat also was not bargaining for how fast she falls for Liam and he in return. Or how much she would fall for the town as well.

I really enjoyed this story very much. I would like to make my reservations for my next vacation in Banshee Creek. The town is so intriguing. It is a totally haunted town. All of the people in the town are so nice and open to everything paranormal. I wish this were a real town. From the book it sounds like a real town and I am dying to go visit. I cannot wait to get my hands on the next book in this series.