The Naughty List - Cori Vidae, Tiffany Reisz, Alexa Piper, Pumpkin Spice, Elizabeth Black, Doug Blakeslee, Wendy Sparrow
The naughty list is a collection of very sexy holiday stories. Some are some are just plain sugar cookie sweet and others are fireplace hot. This book is a great way to start of the holiday season. I really enjoyed all of the stories in the book and cannot really says which one I loved the most. Each had a happy ending which makes them all great. The stories int he book are short and really do not take long to read at all. I love how each author has their own flair for writing. The flair of each author really shines through and makes this book very unique. Each story seems to take on a different aspect of the Christmas season. I loved the take on the Scrooge story, which happens to be my favorite Christmas story of all time.