Withering Hope - Layla Hagen
This book actually took me through a passel of emotions. I was happy, I was sad, I was even scared at times, the epilogue had me in tears.
The stories main characters are Aimee and Tristan. Tristan is Aimee's fiance's pilot and he is flying her back to the family ranch when their plane crashes in the Rain Forest. They are stuck for about 4 months. The story is all about their time in the jungle, and the love that grows between them. This is a story of survival and love.
Layla Hagen has done a great job with this book. It grabbed me and didn't let me go. I actually listened to the audio book. There are 3 narrators and they do a wonderful job. They really bring their characters to life. It is almost like watching a movie without looking at the screen. There is just enough description of people, places, and things to give you a really good minds eye picture but not enough to bore you. The story flows along nicely, and made me cringe when I had to stop the story walk away from it, even for a minute.
I just with there hadn't been so many darn snakes.