Once Haunted, Twice Shy - H.P. Mallory
I listened to the audiobook, and I really enjoyed it. I just wish I had gotten book 1 first. It is a more or less stand alone book, it does make references to book 1 but not so much so that you needed book one to make heads or tails out of this book.
I really liked the characters in the book and the way they came across, and with the audiobook I loved the narrators take on each characters voice, she done a great job. She was really good with the French accent of Drake the ghost.
In the story Peyton Clark is possessed willingly by Drake Montague. Who she is crushing on even though he is a ghost, oh and yea he is crushing back. Drake was a police officer in the early 1900's in New Orleans where this book takes place. He used to also own the house Peyton inherited. This is where book 1 would of came in handy, so you fully knew what the relationships of everyone was.
The supernatural activity is really kicking up and Peyton discovers that the Ax Man (who they thought they got rid of in book 1) is coming back to take out all of New Orleans starting with Peyton. The only way to stop the Ax Man is for Peyton to go back in time to 1920 and take him out. And she will need the help of a flesh and blood Drake.