The Truth: Diary of a Gutsy Tween - Barbara Becker Holstein
Although I am not a tween or a teen, I really enjoyed this book. Parts of it were like a walk down memory lane. I really stopped and thought back to my teenage years.
I wished I had of had this book when my girls were growing up. Having this book may have made some of the situations with my daughter easier. For both them and me.
This book is written in a diary format, by a nameless 11 year old. It is like a one sided story. All about the situations, thought, and feelings this girl was having, how she felt she should deal with them and how she did deal with them, and the outcomes.
I think this would be a great book if you have a teen or tween daughter. I would have to suggest that you the parent read it first, then give it to your child to read, then discuss it afterwards. It may or may not help you with discussing your childs feeling about real things in her life. Itmay also help you relate better to your childs feelings.
I think this was a great book and give it 5 stars.