Melanie's Evanescent Journey (Sonar The Crashing, 1.2) - B. Truly
Melanie is a high school senior who has just moved to the US from Australia, where she as born and raised. She is starting high school at Cashmere High. She has made a few friends and on the first day of school she meets her new boyfriend Jason. All seems normal right? Not for long, in this action packed story there are lots of up and downs . The book will keep you riveted, while following Melanie through the good and the bad. Just when you think you can stop reading and go to the bathroom something new happens and your bladder will just have to wait.
I love the way that B Truly drags you into the story and holds you hostage. She makes you feel as if you are there in the book, that Melanie and her friends and foes are your friends and foes. Her characters are very well thought out and she breaths life into each one of them.
Melanie's Evanescent Journey is a 2nd book in a series. I have not read the first book, but I will be shortly. There will be another book to follow also, which I cannot wait to read.