A Hold on Me - Pat Esden
I don't want to give away any of this book so will be very vague on the description. I will tell you though I loved this book. It is a very mysterious book that kept me guessing and wondering through out. The book has pretty much everything I love in a book. Mystery, Romance, a great plot, and a very engaging story.
This is my first book by Pat Esden but I will be on the look out for more books. I love the writing style. She gives you just enough description of places, people and things for you to get to picture the scene in your minds eye without drowning you and making you bored. I really love that in a writer. She knows when to stop.
She brings the characters to life so well they could be a friend, neighbor, or family member to you. They all have real life qualities and personality. Each one is well thought out.
This is a really great story, and I loved every page of it. Ie even took me on the emotional roller coaster along with the characters in the book.