Reaper's Legacy - Joanna Wylde, Tatiana Sokolov, Todd Haberkorn
I fell in love with this Motorcycle club in Book 1 Reaper's Property. This book is about Ruger and Sophie. When Sophie was a teenager she fell in love with Zack. The first time they had sex it was at his step brother Ruger's apartment. Ruger walks in just as they finish, getting his first sight of Sophie and that sight was all of Sophie. Unbeknownst to Sophie it was love at first sight for Ruger. Sophie also became pregnant that first night with Zack's baby. Zack turns out to be a big mistake. Sophie is now single Mom raising her little boy Noah. Ruger is still in their lives but not letting on he loves her. One night Sophie needed to go to work and asked a neighbor to keep Noah. This becomes a huge mess and Ruger comes to collect them and takes them to his house to live. This is where all the ups and downs and pent of feeling between both Ruger and Sophie come out.

This really is a great book and can be read as a stand alone. But trust me get the whole series, you will want to read all of them.