Reaper's Property - Joanna Wylde
I am so in love with Horse right this minute. I do have my own real life biker but I want this one as well. The books main character are Horse and Marie. Marie's husband has abused her and she was smart enough to leave him finally. She moves home to her brother. Her brother is doing some computer work for the Reapers's MC and the Reaper's drop by the house a lot, which is how Marie meet's Horse.
When the Reaper's find out Jeff, Marie's brother, has ripped them off they are out for blood. Horse decides instead of killing Jeff, he is going to take Marie for basically ransom but also for his Old Lady. Then the fun begins.

This is a great book. It is chock full of cursing and sex, so if you are timid you may not want to read this, but if you are not grab a copy, prop your feet up and enjoy the ride. It's a bumpy road but well worth it.

I love that Joanna Wylde has written this series and done her research on actually MC life. This series can be read as stand alone books but it is so much better one after the other. I have personally read 4 of the books and on the 5th now. I waited to write the review for this books since it was such a good book. So far thus is still my favorite book in the series. Each book features a new couple. Not necessarily new to the series though, But you do get to read each of their stories, and each book continues to bring the characters from the previous books back time after time, as well as introducing new characters as well.