The Crawling Darkness - J.L. Bryan
The Crawling Darkness is book 2 in the Ellie Jordan Ghost Trapper Series. I enjoyed this book just as much as I did book one and cannot wait to start on book 3.

Ellie Jordan is a Ghost trapper. She is not a Ghost hunter, her life's goal is to catch and rid the world of the bad ghosts. In this book Ellie and her partner Stacey Rae are called into a mansion that has been turned into an apartment building to help a mother Alisha and her Children. Her young daughter is being terrified at night but a hideous man coming out of her closet while her son is being terrified by aliens. This is actually the same ghost the is a Fear Feeder. It takes your worst fears and turns into them so he can feed from the fear.

During Ellie's investigation she goes from apartment to apartment to see if anyone else is having problems as well. When they first arrive at the home, Ellie starts to worry as Calvin, her boos, and herself had a case they were unable to solve the butts up to this property. She is convinced this is part of the same haunting. The original case is the reason Calvin is in a wheel chair. So Ellie has a lot to worry about and a really good reason to push hard and solve this case.

I am glad they brought the psychic Jacob back as well as giving him and Calvin both a bigger part in the story. I am also hoping Micheal the hot fireman guy stays a part of the series.