I am giving this book 3 1/2 stars. I am choosing this rating for a few different reasons. The book seems to have been well thought out. The writing was well done. There were very few editing mistakes. I was a bit bored at times while reading when some of the reactions to things like the murder were a unrealistic at first. I did also have a problem with the fact that Poppy just found out she had magical powers and just put them off instead of diving in with both feet. The second half of the book is a lot more interesting then the first half I have to admit. I think I wasn't as thrilled with this book because of the expectations I had for it when I chose it. I was hoping for more of a Witch book then a full on mystery. So that is more my fault then the book itself.

The book is about Poppy who's television show had been cancelled and she comes back home to decide where to go next with her life. As a way of fitting back into her home town she decides to judge a children's beauty contest when asked to. During the contest the Lady in charge so to speak, suddenly dies. Poppy's friend is arrested and charged with her murder. Poppy takes it upon herself to investigate the murder and get her friend off.