Maddie Kosloski is the owner of a paranormal museum. The town se lives in is having a Harvest Festival, The whole town turns out. There will be lots of booths and exhibits. the rules are they all have to have something to do with wine, since the town she lives in is known for its wine. Maddie buys a wine press to add to her exhibit. Before the festival gets started though she is accused or stealing the press. Then the accuser ends up murdered and Maddie is the top suspect since the wine press fiasco.

I have mixed feelings on this book. I chose it because I LOVE paranormal. A good Haunting is just up my alley. What I got was more a mystery with very little paranormal. So the book wasn't as good to me because of my expectations. It although was not a bad book. There were some parts where I had to call some people an idiot now and then. I would think if I was accused of stealing something I wouldn't be smart mouth to the police and then just take off with my mother, while be questioned, I would be trying prove my innocence. And then again if I was accused of murder I would be all over the place trying to prove it wasn't me. Stupid moves are a pet peeve of mine. I started to put the book down and call it done but decided to keep reading. The book does start out slow, then you have the crazy then the book does about half way through pick up and starts getting better. I do wish Mom wasn't so crazy, Maddie wasn't so lazy, the cop wasn't so hateble, and there had of been more paranormal happenings, etc. I think if the characters were a little more realistic this would of been a great book. The story line was a great idea though. I think if I had of liked the characters more this would of been a really good book.