I really enjoyed this book. I love books about ghosts they are my favorite form of the paranormal genre. This book was filled with ghosts. Can't wait t read the rest of the series.

Ellie Jordan is a ghost trapper. When she was 15 hr parents were killed in a house fire that Ellie barely escaped but not before seeing the ghost who not only burned down her house but the 6 that set on the land before hers. She decided to make it her life's work to rid the world of bad ghosts.

As she grew up she enlisted he help of the detective from her house fire who retired from the police force and start his own ghost trapping investigations company. Ellie worked with him until she was old enough and able to take on the investigations herself. She still works for him.

Her latest case is a old abandoned mansion that is being restored to turn into a B&B. Ellie and her partner Stacy go in thinking there is just one ghost since that is all the family has seen. It turns out there are many many ghosts and most of them are not nice one trying to warn the family off.

No it's up to her to solve the mystery of why this house is so haunted and to clear it out.