This book took off on page one and didn't slow down until the last page. I personally loved that Karen Nutt at the end of the story gave a picture of the how things actually turn out. I love epilogues and so many writers leave them out, this was not under epilogue just the last chapter of the book. I also appreciate how she brings to life depression, grief, drug addiction, and suicide. She handles these sensitive subjects very well. She really takes you into the head of Bellamy who is suffering from all of these problems. In the book We have 3 friends who are still hung up on a singer who committed suicide 10 years before. They run a fan club and schedule events since more then just the 3 of them are still hung up on Bellamy Lovel and the Civilized Heathens. One night Evie and her friends come up with an idea to send Evie back in time. Evie had the chance before Bellamy died to be his assistant 10 years earlier and decided not to. When she goes back in time instead of saying to to the job she takes it. It is up to her to help Bellamy so he lives. She will be brought back in time before she knows if it works or not though. Evie is a little afraid of changing time and tries not to change too much. This is really a wonderful book. It is filled with romance, and as I said mental health issues. The book in a way actually brings awareness without being a text book. I am very glad I was able to read this book.