Westobou Gold is the 2nd book in the Moccasin Hollow Mystery series. I read the first book and loved it. So when I was invited to read the 2nd book I could not say no. I love how Hawk writes using the southern slang I was raised with. I was raised in Kentucky and Georgia so the slang he uses is a lot like the way I talk. Which actually makes this book series more enjoyable for me.
The book is full of mystery, murder, some sex, and a good bit of colorful words. It starts out with a Native American Queen hiding her tribes gold from the white settlers back in the day. Then flies right into present day in Chapter one. It doesn't take long for the sex, drugs and murder to begin, as well as the mystery.
We are then reintroduced to our main character Craig Ingram. He is an ex Navy Seal who is now an amateur archaeologist and private investigator. He finds himself thrown into all the murder, mystery, underage sex tapes, and everything else going on in the book as well as trying to protect the treasures buried in the ground from that long ago time both on his land and off.
I am not going to give much of the story since each person and part are actually a key piece to the story. And I would hate to ruin the plot for anyone. I am now waiting for book. Can't wait to see what Hawk comes up with next to add to this great series.