The adventures of P J Mouse in Queensland is book 2 in the P J Mouse series. As with book 1 this book is very educational in teaching children about different places in the world. This book focuses on Queensland. Queensland is in Australia.
P J Mouse and his adoptive family fly to Queensland where their adventure begins in this book. I love how Gwyneth Jane Page drags us into the book and makes us feel like we are along for the adventure with P J and Emily. She really brings the places and the things P J does to life. As well as Megan Elizabeth and her awesome illustrations.. Her drawings in the book help to open up the child's imagination,. They give you a starting point for picturing places and things in your minds eye.
This is a wonderful set of books for children and for parents and grand parents who read to their little ones.

I received this book for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.