Alchemy's Daughter takes place in 14th century San Gimignano, Italy. Santina Pietra is the 17 year old daughter of Iacopo Pietra a merchant.
During the times of this story, girls were expected to marry and have families. They were not supposed to have dreams. Santina is in love with Calandrino, and when he leaves her life she decides she will not marry and will have dreams. While she is still grieving for the loss of her love she decides to go to Trotula, the villages midwife and possibly a witch. Trotula begins teaching Santina to be her apprentice.
Nothing seems to be easy inn Santina's life, when she feels she is finally settled trouble abounds anew. This books will take you the through ups and many downs of Santina's life.
There are maps in this book, a timeline of medieval historical events, Glossary of Italian words, and a bibliography. Mary Osbourne has done a great job of gathering actual history, not only of Italy but of the beginning of medicine.
This is a 2nd book, the first book being Nonna's Book of Mysteries, I have not read that book, but I have learned that Alchemy's Daughter is the prequel to it. I will be finding and reading Nonna's Book of Mysteries.
Alchemy's Daughter is Winner of Literary Classics 2014 Award. It is recommended ages 14 to Adult