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I love to read and actually read books from several genre's. My favorite is paranormal though. I also have been blessed with 11 Grand Children from our 4 kids, so I do read a lot of Children's books as well to the kids. i have a regular blog where I post tons of book tours. Check it out if you enjoy books: http://teresanoel.blogspot.com/.


This blog is for reviews of the books I have read. I do also accept books from authors to read and review. Contact me if you have a book you would like reviewed at my email: mshogrider67@gmail.com

Vegetarian Quick & Easy - Under 15 Minutes: 100 Simple Natural Foods Recipes

Ok so I am not a vegetarian, just someone looking for a healthier way to eat. I am also a recipe freak. I love to cook and try new recipes. Quick foods are also a huge thing in my book, so when I was given a chance to have this book for my honest review I jumped on it. So far I have read the book twice, marked several pages, and even made a few of the recipes. The cheesy mushrooms are to die for. The summer pasta salad is amazing, and the vanilla french toast is a great way to wake up. Not only does this book have 100 really great recipes that take less then 15 minutes to make but it also has a great introduction to being a vegetarian. And the conclusion is like a pep talk from your own personal Dietitian. Jonathan Vine has really done a great job finding these tasty recipes, even put some pictures in to make you drool. He has also given you a lot of great tips for changing your lifestyle, or in my case expanding my lifestyle to include vegetarian recipes. He breaks it all down so it's easy to understand the points he is trying to make. He explains the different types of vegetarians, the reasons people become vegetarians, the benefits of becoming a vegetarian, He also has a section on time management for cooking, which is also a good read for meat eaters.


Check it out on Amazon:  http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00KUOCJOG/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_sol_0