The book is really good, fast paced, sad at times, has the Russian & Italian Mob, and my favorite HOT Bikers!!  The story is about Nika Payne, who in order to keep her only brother Caleb who is also her only living family member, out of jailed is forced to marry Kevin Nollan who is Satan himself. For all of the almost year they are married he uses Nika as a punching bag.   When Nika gets an invitation to her best friends wedding, even her husband knows she has to make an appearance. So they leave Seattle and fly to New York for the wedding. At the last minute Kevin decides not to go to the wedding with her. She is the maid of honor. After the wedding she is changing back into her clothes when her bruise covered body is spotted. No one knew she was being abused and no one knows why she is staying with her husband. She has told no one that he has evidence of a murder her brother commited on disc, and will turn it over to the police if she ever leves him.    All the beatings are worth it to her if she can find the disc and save her brother. She finally found the disc right before the wedding but could not get it then. After the wedding she escapes from her brother and friends and goes back to the motel room and her husband, where he meets her with a punch in the face. As she is taking the beating, her brother and a friend show up at the door. kevin dives out the window trying to take the evidence with him but she is able to get it.   Vincente Romani Aka the Reaper becomes Mika's night in shining armour. He is the one who spotted her bruises, he andd her brother are the ones who came to her rescue with her husband, he is the one who helped get her medical attention. He also has a past, his little sister was kidnapped, where she was sold into prostitution and addicted to drugs, and died from an over dose. Which Vincente feels guilty that he couldn't save her. He is in love with Mika but thinks he has nothing to offer her plus she is his friends sister and off limits.   This is a very good book. It is the 2nd book in the Wanted Men Series, but as I done read it as a stand alone. Thare are only a few refences in the book that you would need to read book 1 in order to get the full gist of what they mean. I will however be picking book 1 up, and can't wait for book 3. I was given my copy of this book for my honest review, but that had no bearing on my feeling for this book or my review.