CAT - Julie Dewey

I for the most part really liked this book. Didn't care a lot for all the references to being over weight and a little unrealistically at that. But the story was very entertaining. Cat can get herself into some fixes. In the end it was what I would call a feel good story, the girl gets it all.
Cat is an overweight phone sex operator who ends up with her sister's 4 kids being dumped on her. At which point she invites Dale one of her first clients, who she has ore of a friendship relationship with then phone sex, to come stay with her and help out. Cat meets with another of her clients who makes her feel good and ends up pregnant. Dale and her end up falling in love, and All 7 live happily ever after in the midst of some chaos, some action/adventure, a wild birth of the baby, the shows the voice and the biggest looser. You have to read the book to figure out what all this means :)