Raising the Stakes - Karen Rock

I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.
It's an adorable read. I have to say adorable because of the baby bear.
The Story is about Vivie, who had been attacked and raped years earlier in Boston, Liam a DEC officer, who had seen too much in the war, Buttons the baby bear whose mother was killed by some poachers, Jinx the cat who is blind in one eye, and Scooter the old dog who is now deaf.
Vivie inherited her Aunt's farmhouse in the Adirondack Mountains and moved there to open a cafe. She met Liam the first tie during the winter when she was tossing scrap food out the back door of her cafe for the animals. It was an instant dislike when he told her she couldn't do that. During the summer months Maggie was awakened to sounds in her kitchen, she went down to investigate and found a baby bear. She called the DEC and wouldn't you know it they sent Liam. Liam wanted to shoot the baby since it was too young to be on it's own. Vivie talks him into to holding off until she can take the tst to be a rehabilitator, and also talks him into be her supervisor.
As the story goes on they become friends. She is still suspicious of him due mainly to her attack years ago. But as time goes on the trust builds and turns into love. Now you have to go get the book to find out the rest of the story.