The Night Is Forever - Heather Graham

Another Great story from Heather Graham.
This is Book 11 from the Krewe of Hunters series. In this one we meet Agent Dustin Blake and Olivia Gordon.
Olivia is a Therapist on a horse farm in Tennessee, dedicated to helping people with Addictions, mental and physical disabilities, and rescuing horses. Everything is going great until people start dying. The first being the founder of the reserve, a 20 year recovery addict. Everyone think he went back on the drugs and accidentally fell into a ravine and died, except Olivia who calls her cousin Malachi who works with the Krewe (a special FBI unit dealing with the paranormal). This is where Dustin Black comes in. Malachi sends him in under the ruse of needing Therapy. As the story goes another member of the horse farm is killed, and the list of suspects continues to grow almost with each turn of the page. Oh yea and let's not forget the ghosts. A Civil War General and the 2 murdered colleagues. A few times the story did get a little long winded in descriptions but still a great book.