Wind Chime Cafe - Sophie Moss, Hollis McCarthy

This is a very down to earth story. It deals with several problems going on in the real world right now.
It's about Annie, her daughter Taylor, and Will. Taylor has PTSD from her 2nd grade elementary school which someone came in and shot her whole class room except her, because she was hiding in a broom closet. Will is a Navy Seal who secretly also is dealing with PTSD from a battle in Afganistan.
Annie packed her daughter up from Washington DC and moves to Heron Island, in order to live out her dream of owning a restaurant and to help Taylor heal. Annie's success depends on the future resort to be built in the area.
Will is back home in Heron Island for the first time in 10 years in order to sell his recently deceased Grand Parents inn. When Will finds out the person wanting to buy the inn is a cooperation wanting to tear it down and turn it into a resort. He decides he can't have that and wants his realitor to only sell to someone who will keep it as a inn.
When Will and Annie meet though there is almost an instant connection. Annie is very doubtful though since Will is in the military and lives in California. Grab a copy of this book to fill in all the blanks I have left open. It's worth the read. It will drag you in and take you through a torrent of emotions with the characters and in the end leave you wanting more.