Tidings of Murder and Woe - Cathy Spencer

I was given a copy of this book for my honest review.
Tidings of Murder and Woe by: Cathy Spencer
The book is about Anna Nolen an administrative assistant to Dr. Magdalena Lewis in the Kinesiology Department at Calgary's Chinook University.
Anna has had a bad year so far her ex-husband was murdered in the spring and she was the top suspect. And another murderaround Halloween.
Julia Moreland owner of Westmore Resources an oil comapny and Golden Farm Fertilizer has been murdered by water hemlock poisoning, is the step mother to Warren, Magdalena's boyfriend. Latona Taylor Julia's personal assistant is also murdered.
Magdalena asks Anna for her help during the investigation and Anna tells her no, but when Warren is arrested for Julia's murder a distraught Magdalena comes to Anna adain who then agrees to help.
Almost everyone in this book becomes a suspect at some point in the book. The suspect list grows with almost every turn of the page.
If you like who done its with lots of twists and turns you should grab a copy if this book. And at the end there is a tasty looking recipe for Hello Dolly Squares.