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T's Stuff too

I love to read and actually read books from several genre's. My favorite is paranormal though. I also have been blessed with 11 Grand Children from our 4 kids, so I do read a lot of Children's books as well to the kids. i have a regular blog where I post tons of book tours. Check it out if you enjoy books: http://teresanoel.blogspot.com/.


This blog is for reviews of the books I have read. I do also accept books from authors to read and review. Contact me if you have a book you would like reviewed at my email: mshogrider67@gmail.com

4 Stars
McKenna's Woman (Lawmen & Outlaws series) By: Loretta C. Rogers
McKenna's Woman (Lawmen & Outlaws) - Loretta C. Rogers

McKenna's woman is a short historical romance. It is part of the Lawmen & Outlaws series. Loretta C Rogers has packed a lot in this short adventure but does not crowd the story. The book was the perfect length to get you involved with full story detail it was not rushed at all. Brenda Scott Wlazlodoes a great job narrating the book. I loved her southern twang when McKenna was speaking.


McKenna is trying to get a full pardon for his past crimes. He runs across Audra Tadlock, and one look into her eyes he knows he has seen her somewhere before. When he realizes she is the twin of the man who shot him in the back and is also the man he is after to exonerate himself, he decides to kidnap her and use her as bait to capture the outlaw.


Audra is bored with small town life until Mckenna comes to town. She hopes for some excitement with him around, but gets more then she bargains.


Mckenna and Audra head out to find the brother she thought long dead. If Mckenna has it his way he will be dead for real this time.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

4 Stars
Witch Cozy Mystery Eight Book Set
Witch Cozy Mystery Eight Book Set  - Amelia Morgan

Witch Cozy Mysteries is an 8 book set. The books are each pretty short, book 1 was about 2 1/2 hours long, the total length is about 17 1/2 hours. This is a true cozy mystery set. There is some romance and some mystery. The books are clean reads no harsh language or sex. If you are not into cozy mysteries you may not care for this set at all.


The set features Meg Walton who runs a donut shop and is a witch but does not want anyone to know. She is also an amateur sleuth. Her boyfriend is a police detective, which after book 1 makes it a lot easier for her to get into the thick of the investigations.


 I did not care a lot for Meg's character. She seems a bit spoiled. She also impersonates a police Officer, which I did not like at all. When she is interrogating her list of suspects she uses no tact at all. She goes after them like everyone is guilty and has to prove their innocence. She does need a lesson in innocent until proven guilty. Plus if she is such a good witch why doesn't she casts a spell on the suspects to make them not lie about being guilty, instead of casting a spell making them think they see her badge and answer her questions?


The set is narrated by Lainie Pahos. She does a good job, unless Amelia Morgan didn't mean for Meg to sound so gruff when questioning her suspects. 

5 Stars
Witch You Well The Westwick Witches By: Colleen Cross
Witch You Well  - Colleen Cross

Cendrine is a witch who chooses to live a normal life. her family on the other hand embraces their gift. Her family is opening a cozy inn where they live in Westwick Corners. They invite a Travel Guru to come to their grand opening hoping it will give them a leg up in the business. Sounds good right? Nope, not so good, just a couple of hours after arriving he is found dead in the gazebo on the property. All clues leads back to Cen's crazy old Aunt Pearl.

Cen now must prove Aunt Pearl's innocence to the new hot Sheriff and the townspeople as well.

This was a short book but was packed full of adventure, mystery, and witches. This was a very good cozy mystery and i really enjoyed it. This is book one in the Westwick Witches Cozy Mysteries series by Colleen Cross. I cannot wait for book 2 to see what Cen and her eccentric family will get into next.

The Audiobook is narrated by Petrea Burchard. She did a really good job, at times I wish she had of sped up a bit in her narration but other then that she did keep my interest.

I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

5 Stars
Sinful by Heath Stallcup
Sinful  - Heath Stallcup

Wow what a book. Heath Stallcup has really done it with the very creepy story. 


Charlie was 17 years old working in a donut shop. While driving home one icy winter night he lost control and wrecked his car. He was in a coma for over 2 months, during which time he turned 18.


Once awake from the coma Charlie has terrible dreams where he sees an evil man torturing and killing little girls. When near people or while touching them, Charlie can see all the evil in that person. 


After Charlie is released from the hospital he finds out the man he sees in his dreams killing little girls is also the man who saved his life the night of his accident. Charlie decides that his visions are Gods way of telling him to get rid of the evil people in his hometown. Charlie goes after the man and kills him. He knows where the man had his death studio and decides to use it himself while ridding the town of the rest of the evil people as well. 


Rick Gregory narrates the audiobook and fully kept my attention through the whole book. his voices and emotion was spot on with the story.


 I actually listened to this book during an 8 hour trip home from a visit with my daughter. It really helped pass the time. 


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review

5 Stars
Rebel Boneyard Brotherhood MC, Book 3 By: Amber Burns
Rebel  - Amber Burns

I love me some hot bikers, so much so I married one. Rebel is a standalone  in the Boneyard Brotherhood series. It features Chase Miller. Chase is a Army Veteran and also a cop. He is chosen to go undercover in the Boneyard Brotherhood MC Club to get the goods on the group and to take them down. The problem with this is Chase becomes more comfortable with the club and the members then he has ever been anywhere else or with anyone else, and doesn't want to get evidence against them. His Partner Tara is supposed to act as his girlfriend, but this turns into more as well. 


Amber Burns has done an awesome job with this book. I loved how she actually took the bikers side of the story. In real life a lot of bikers get a bad rap over a few rough biker gangs. When in reality there are a lot of really good groups. Living among bikers myself I know all to well well that you can go to pretty much anyone of these people and they would give you the shirt off their backs. They are all like family. Even some of the not so straight bikers are the same way. 


Gideon Welles narrates the audiobook and really hit home with this story. His voices and emotion really brought the story to life. 


I listened to this book during an 8 hour drive to visit my daughter and it really helped pass the time and miles. I am looking forward to the listening or reading rest of this series.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review

5 Stars
A Mother's Gift by Charlotte Hubbard
A Mother's Gift - Charlotte Hubbard

I am a huge Charlotte Hubbard fan, I have been reading her books for a few years now which is kind of shocking being as my go to genre is paranormal. Charlotte doesn't need any hosts or ghouls to bring her fascinating tales of Amish families to life. This book is the my favorite so far of all of her books I have read, and I have loved them all. As a Stepmom myself I can relate to some of this of this book, and enjoyed all of this book. Perfect book with Mother's Day just around the corner.


The book is about Leah Otto, a real Tomboy. Instead of learning to cook and sew like most Amish girls, Leah helped her father with the farm animals. When she was about 13 she goes with her father to auctions and she meets Jude Shetler who is calling the action.


Years later Jude is a widower with 3 children. He has twin 16 year old girls and a 5 year old boy. Jude and Leah fall in love and decide to marry. Both of their families do not believe this to be a good idea, and the night before the wedding tell each of them their thoughts on the marriage. But they go through with it anyway.


Once married the twins really test Leah to the point after just a few months Leah is just miserable. She has kept all the things the girls have done to her over the past few months to herself, but at her wits end tells Jude she cannot live with him anymore. Jude unlike a lot of men steps in to keep his family together.


This is not just a case of telling the girl to be nice to their new step mom. It goes way further then that. Already acting out and dating English men the girls over hear Jude tell Leah that he is not their biological father.


While trying to get their little family straightened out. One night they hear a car pull up then leave, then a cry of a baby. Someone has left a tiny baby on their porch. Leah now has to decide how she can make them all a family.

5 Stars
Clod Makes a Friend by David J. Pedersen
Clod Makes a Friend  - David J. Pedersen

Clod is poor, he's different from others in many ways, but mostly he is lonely. In a world where everyone but Clod has some form of magic, he is constantly bullied and has no friends. The biggest bully being his teacher Learned Yugen.

Clod has no one to play with, and the only thing he has to play with is bits of clay his mother brings him occasionally. One day Clod molds his clay into the shape of a little girl and brings her to life, she calls herself Ada. As time goes on Clod keeps reinventing Ada and reawakening her. Ada gets Clod into all kinds of trouble, but Clod doesn't care he finally has a friend. 

The book follows Clod's life up to age 57. Each chapter showing a Clod at a different age, it also tells the tells the trouble Ada gets him into. Like stealing a cake in the town of Durgoon because Ada wants to taste cake. 

As the years go on, not only does Clod keep bringing Ada to life but he also revives others who have died. He brings a poor little dog who has been trampled by a horse so his owner can say goodbye. He can bring back people as well but only for short periods of time. He is deemed as evil for his gift. 

This book actually has a few different morals for readers but does it in a subtle way. I enjoyed this book myself and know that children I would say from age 8 to probably 13 would enjoy it as well.


I was given this book by the Author as part of a book tour for iRead Book Tours. My review is my own thoughts. 

4.5 Stars
A Merry Menage Christmas (The Key Club #3) by Jan Springer
A Merry Menage Christmas - Jan Springer

Dr. Kelsie Madison is overworked and under sexed. Kelsie is having naughty dreams about ER Dr. Ryder Greene and his roommate, physiotherapist Dixon Flynn. She thinks they are gay and off limits but boy does she want them. But are they?


When Kelsie sees fliers for the Santa Claus Ménage Night, she decides to go. Little does she know that Ryder and Dixon are not gay and they want her as bad as she wants them. The guys decide to take it into their own hands to get what they all want. They are the ones who placed the fliers. They have set it up with the Key Club owner to make sure they get Kelsie as a partner during the festivities.


This book is short and hot. The book ended a bit to quick for me but it was a great read.

Teri Clark Linden does a great job with the narration. She kept my attention and brought the characters to life.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

5 Stars
Condemn Me Not Accused of Witchcraft By: Heather B. Moore Narrated by: Nancy Peterson
Condemn Me Not - Heather B. Moore

Heather B. Moore has done an amazing job with this book. The book is about some of the women accused and executed during the Salem Witch Trials.  She has added historical excerpts and actual facts of these ladies lives, accusations, and executions, including dates. 


The chapters switch back and forth between the story of Susannah North Martin, historical excepts, and facts. I have watched several shows on the Salem Witch trials as well as read several books. This is one of the best. Although Susannah's life story may be fiction to some extent the facts about these ladies in the book are some of the best I have read abotu the actual events of 1692. 


The audiobook is narrated by Nancy Peterson. her voices grab you and do not let you go. She has done an amazing job with this audiobook. 


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

4 Stars
Queen of Souls By: Jennifer Kohout
Queen of Souls - Jennifer Kohout

For the first about 7 hours of the book it was pretty much mindless sex with tidbits of a story line. The last 5 hours of the book really got into the story and had tidbits of mindless sex. 

I did enjoy the book though. I really enjoyed the actual story line of the book.


The story line is a murder mystery, that's not really a mystery because you know who committed it, the other characters although do not know who or even how the murder was committed. 


The story takes place at a Pleasure House in the depths of Hell. One of the Pleasure Slaves is missing without a trace. Nox is the mistress of the house and also the daughter of Lucifer himself. She is a soul eater. She can take a small part of your soul with just a touch, or she can take your whole soul if she is inclined. 


Caedus and Balthazar are 2 members or the Dark Guard. They protect demons from sorcerers that can bind them and use their powers in the Human Realm. 


When Nox first lays eyes on Caedus and Balthazar she knows their are her Soul Mates. Caedus and Balthazar once lost their female Iliana to suicide and have struggled with letting her go. Caedus and Balthazar are also longtime lovers. After the death of Iliana Caedus has turned cold and Balthazar has struggled to keep them together. 


When they meet Nox  Balthazar is ready to start fresh, Caedus not so much. When the Pleasure Slave comes up missing and Nox asks for their help, as the 3 investigate Caedus changes his mind about not wanting a life with Nox. 


There is pretty much every kind of sex you can dream up in this book. 


Sierra Kline is the narrator and has an amazing voice. She kept me in enthralled in the story. Her voice was so easy to listen too, She done an amazing job with all the voices as well as all the emotion in the book. I will be looking for more books narrated by her, as well as books written by Jennifer Kohout.


I was given this free review copy audiobook at my request and have voluntarily left this review.

4 Stars
Rain of Ash by Gwen Mitchell
Rain of Ash: Skydancer Book 1 (The Zyne Legacy) - Gwen Mitchell

This is my first book by Gwen Mitchell. It will not be my last though. Rain of Ash is the story of Briana Spurrier. The last of her family has passed away and she must return to her home town. Years before Bri turned her back on everything and everyone including her magic to be a concert pianist. Now that she is back she must unleash her magic to battle a demon to save herself and everyone else.


She hooks back up with her friends from childhood. Astrid her best friend and Lucas her first love, to try and break the curse against Bri. Along the way we also meet Kean, who feels that he is getting a fresh beginning now that Bri has returned, and Eric from her present life as a pianist. 


The book was very interesting and full of action, magic, and love or lust. i was not crazy about Kean and his attitude an the way he handled things but there's pretty much one charater in every book you just can't fall in love with. Bri was not always where she needed to be but i still liked her character pretty much. I do feel that she would of been stronger if she wasn't lost. I personally do not decide if most series are going to be good or bad until after book 2. Which I am fully willing to read, I enjoyed this book and can see it only as getting better. 


The book was narrated by Daniela Acitelli. She done an Ok job, but Bri's character came off a bit whiny at times, when I felt that the passage had her being a bit more tough. Other then that I enjoyed her narration. 


I received this audiobook as part of my participation in a blog tour with Audiobookworm Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Gwen Mitchell. The gifting of this audiobook did not affect my opinion of it.

5 Stars
Addison Mizner: The Architect Whose Genius Defined Palm Beach by Stephen Perkins, James Caughman
Addison Mizner The Architect Whose Genius Defined Palm Beach - Stephen Perkins, James Caughman

Addison Mizner was an architect who designed and changed the look of Palm Beach and other towns of South Florida. His buildings are beautiful. They are designed in the Mediterranean Revival and Spanish Colonial Revival styles. 


The book is filled with pictures of some of his impressive buildings as well as pictures and the story of Addison Mizner. I actually chose this book for the pictures but once I started reading it I was enthralled by Addison's vision and thoughts. 


I am a huge fan of architecture and love learning about the differences between the different styles. I very much enjoyed learning about Addison's personal touches to the these styles as well. 


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.

5 Stars
Fix, Freeze, Feast, 2nd Edition by Kati Neville
Fix, Freeze, Feast, 2nd Edition: The Delicious, Money-Saving Way to Feed Your Family; The Make-Ahead Plan: 1 Day of Cooking = 12 Days of Dinner; Fill Your Freezer with Dozens of Homemade Meals - Kati Neville, Lindsay Ahrens

This yummy book of 150 recipes that will make dinner time so much easier was awesome. I love how simple this book makes tasty meals so much easier for me. Yes the prep day is a kind of a pain but once it's done you can eat well in very little time. You gather all the ingredients, put them in freezer containers or bags toss them in the freezer and when you know you are looking at a busy day set one of the meals out over night in the refrigerator, toss in a pan when you arrive home and in under 30 minutes you have a home cooked meal ready to serve and eat. Some of the meals are ready crockpot ready as well, just dump the bag or bowl in and when you arrive home you house smells amazing and you can feed your family a yummy home cooked meal, without getting your hands dirty.


I travel a good bit and my poor hubby stays at home. I just returned from a trip and while I was gone I used some of the recipes in this book. I made up the bags and bowls before I left and he was able to have fresh cooked meals without any fuss while I was gone.

Some of the recipes make several meals with one prep. For us since it's just him and I home now, I got 10 to 12 meals instead of 6. On some I just cut the recipe down by halves or quarters, since I do not have a deep freeze anymore to store so many meals. I also cut some way back just to try and see if we liked them or not before I make the full recipe. Waste not want not.


The mango-cranberry chicken is to die for. It was delicious. Next time I will make the full recipe so I can have this on hand. It does have a tiny bite to it but is mild enough even for smaller children. The recipe make 4 meals of 4 servings, and takes 15 to 20 minutes to cook and serve.


I received this book from the Author or Publisher via Netgalley.com to read and review.


5 Stars
A Collection of Twisted Tales by Kraig Dafoe
A Collection of Twisted Tales - Kraig W. Dafoe

This is a book of short stories and poems written in the style of Edgar Allen Poe. The stories and poems are all different with one thing in common. Death. The death in each story is different as well. There is a variety of causes of death. The stories are complete and not rushed. A couple I would love to read a whole book on, but for the most part you got everything you needed in the few pages dedicated to it.


At the first of the book is a poem dedicated to Edgar Allen Poe. I really enjoyed Mr. Dafoe's outlook on him. It really set the book off with a bang so to speak. There are 9 short stories in the book and a chapter of poems.


i enjoyed all the stories but really liked the story named his Royal Disgrace. The story is based on declassified Jack the Ripper files from Scotland Yard. i am not sure how much of the story is actually based on fact but I loved how the detective work was done. It made it seem filled with true facts. in the poetry section there is a poem called Alone. I don't know why I liked ti the most I just did. It is very dark and depressive but it just stood out to me.

If you are a fan of Edgar Allen Poe's work you really should grab a copy of this book.


I received this book as part of my participation in a blog tour with Pump Up Your Book Promotions. The tour is being sponsored by Kraig Dafoe. The gifting of this book did not affect my opinion of it.

5 Stars
Acceptable Risk by Candace Blevins
Acceptable Risk - Candace Blevins, Noah Michael Levine

This was my first book by Candace Belvins and I am honestly wondering why I hadn't heard of her before. I actually listened to the Audiobook and it was so hot I think I have burns inside my ears. I will definitely be looking for more of her books. 


Acceptable Risk is book 3 of the Chattanooga Supernaturals series. These books are stand alones. As I said this is my first book but I had no problems at all with starting on book and understanding what was going on. I do not have the full back story of each of the characters but there was just enough information on each one to introduce them sufficiently. This is a rather short book, but oh my was it hot. 


In the book Bethany who is a once bit twice shy kind of girl has always joked if she were to settle down it would be with her own harem of men. One night in the bar she says to a friend she would like to have those 3 guys as a harem. Little does she know "those 3 guys" are shifters with super hearing. Mac is a recently turned werewolf and over hears Bethany, Ranger is the one who turned Mac, and Jonathan is a wereleopard. 


Bethany gets a whole lot more then she bargains for as well as a future with not one but 3 loves of her life. 


This book is filled with super hot sex, BDSM and more. If you are the least bit prudish you may not want to pick this book up. For the rest of us, RUN, get your copy and lock yourself in a room for a few hours. 


The Audiobook is Narrated by Noah Michael Levine. He has doe a great job with all the character voices, even the female voice. He did not rush or drag the story out. He kept pace extremely well. He really made this book enjoyable for me. 

5 Stars
The Haunting of Dove Cote House by Rachel Jordan
The Haunting of Dove Cote House - Rachel Jordan

The Haunting of Dove Cote House has a top shelf creep factor. There are ghosts on almost every page. I am a true fan of the Paranormal genre and Ghosts are my favorite. This book is filled with ghosts. You have the laughing little girl, the mean and nasty old lady, and the very creepy black mass with red eyes. 


In the book Cat Fletcher's fathers has passed away and left Dove Cote House to his only daughter. Although Cat grew up in the house a lot of her memories of the house are faded or fogged over. After she grew up and went off to college her parents never let her return to the house. 


Now as an adult and owner of Dove Cote she returns to the house. Almost immediately strange things start to occur, she hears laughter and see's shadows. The longer Cat is in the house the more she starts to remember things that went on as she grew up. The old lady would tuck her in at night and lay her clothes out for her in the morning. She has always heard the little girls laughter but never seen her, until now. 


She runs into her best friend from childhood Rob. Rob tells her he is now a paranormal investigator. At this point Cat still has no memories of all the happenings in her house. Rob comes to the house and the old lady ghost appears and tells him to get out. After this things really get strange and dangerous. Cat talks to the Father Thomas who is Priest of the local Catholic Church and asks for a house blessing, instead her calls upon a excommunicated Priest and Exorcist, Father James, to lend a hand to Cat and hr ghost problem.


It seems that the ghostly activity as well as demonic activity has been going on in Dove Cote for decades. Cat, Rob, Father Thomas, James and Cat's estranged husband Phil are all pulled into solving the mysteries of Dove Cote house, while trying to stay alive. 


I rally enjoyed this story. Rachel Jordan has done an amazing job. I loved how she adds her own personal paranormal experiences to this story. This is Rachel's debut novel. I personally cannot wait to see where she will go in her future novels.


I was given my copy of this book from the Author and as part of a book tour hosted by RABT book tours.